三肖中特期期准94909 /De Blasio Housing Commish to Critics: You Dont Stop Development

Housing Preservation and Development Commissioner Vicki Been (Photo: William Alatriste for NYC Council). William Alatriste/NYC CouncilA top de Blasio housing wonk warned critics of the may

or’s【最准的特码公式 】 ambitious affordable housingplan that the dream of stoppingnew constructi【夕阳肖是哪些生肖 】on altogether is hopeless and that only buildingapartments for the poorest New Yorkers is economically unfeasi【香港马会玄机大全玄机 】ble.“We have to shape devel

opment rather than just r【一字中的生肖 】eact to it. And too much of the discourse is about s【00901香港开奖直播 】topping development,” said Vicki Been, the 【资料大全全年资料大全2015年84期 】commissioner of the D【118图库公式规律区 】epartment of Housing Preservation and Development. “You don’t stop development in a city like New York. So our approach is, let’s【350888铁算盘3500 】 work to shape it, to serve the interests of the neighborh【蓝宝石心水论坛 高手 】oods across the city.”WithMayor Bill de Blasio’s visionto build and preserve 200,000 units of affordable housing en

countering increasing【买树大根深打一生肖 】criticism from some corners that it is 【期期公开一肖中特资料 】ins【内部玄机透密四肖四码 】ufficient, and might even acce【2020年今天开什么马 】lerate gentrification in the outer boroughs, Ms. 【瓶中花木低头现指哪一生肖? 】Been took the podium at New York Law School this morning to explain and defend the plan. Ms. Been argued that the cit【跑狗图高手解密 】y could use a toolkitofzoning, tax abatementsand public financing to encourage the private market to accommodate more low-income people—but said efforts to stop the city’s shiftingreal estate landscape are futile.Much of the plan ca【今期必中典韋打一肖 】lls f【白小姐146期绝杀肖 】or sweeping rez【2020年136期跑狗图彩报 】onings in low-income areas

like East New York in Brooklyn to a【万料堂翡翠秘笈 】llow for more, taller construct

ion. In response to a question about how the city would ensure the long impoverished Brooklyn enclave “remains a black neighborhood” and not“a dumping ground for white folks that can’t afford to live in Manhattan,” Ms. Been answered that she could not.“We are not, and we could not, legally, try to keep any neighborhood any particular race. That is not consistent with the law,【2020年香港赛马52期的资料 】 and that is not consistent w【本港台报码室66bms 】ith our beliefs,” she said, em【手机正版免费资料大全 】phasizing that the aim of the plan is to allow for a plurality of inc

ome levels in【118cc图库乖乖九龙图库 】 all parts of the city. “We are trying to ensure economic diversity, and with economic diversity usually comes racial and【75期新跑狗图 】 ethnic diversity in all of our communities.”The【129期赛马会提供 】 remark contrasted with one Mr. de Blasio made at a t【二四六开奖现场 北京 】own hall in Washington Heights last month, in wh【无错六肖中特50期资料 】ich he said his goal was to“keep neighborhoods the way they are.”Ms. Been said the city was aiming to include as many local residents in the new housing, whethe【新跑狗5043彩 】r through the administration’s co【一肖十一码 】ntroversial “community preference” in applicati【12生肖井中的打一肖 】ons or through workshops to help people【2020熊出没玄机2图 】 impr【bb3d开奖记录 】ove their credit scores so they may qualify for an apartment.“We’re working really hard to make sure that the people in the neighborhoods, and the lowest-inco

me people, do get into the housing that we’re building,” she said.Twenty per【2020年最准二四六资料大全 】ce【1999开奖记录完整版 】nt of the new belo【正版红顶人七尾论坛 】w-market units will be geared toward what Ms. Been cal【093期新版跑狗图 】led “the poorest people”: individuals making as little as $15,0【12333社保查询网官网 】00 a year. But she insisted tha【2020香港历史开奖结果香 】t trying to increase that proportion wou【香港无敌猪哥心水论坛 】ld undermin【乐清市天豪罗马会所 】e the entire plan.“Wh【心水6码中特上海有卖吗 】y don’t we go even deeper? It’s just simply economics. It’s just simply a trade-off. The cost of goi【2017香港开奖现场直播视频直播 】ng deeper is so high that we would either need hundreds of millio【马会六合113期 】ns more for housing, or we would need to reduce the 200,000 unit count,” she said. “And we believe just getting a lot more housing out onto the market will serve ever【全年开奖记录2017年手机板 】yone’s interests best.”Part of the current plan hinges on the much-maligned 421a tax abatem

ent for developers. Albany passed a n

umber of the reforms Mr. de Blasio sought this year to require recipients【玄学推算七码中特怎么 】 of the tax credit to build more affordable units, but with a major caveat: the real estate industry must cut a deal with build【香港王中王坛资料 】ing trades unions to include new prevailing wa【111期特码开出结果 】ge standards in the exemption before January, or 421a will expire entirely.Ms. Been attacked Al【金银财福随手招打一肖 】bany for creating what she call【2019年,118期香港六合四不象跑马玄机图 】ed “uncertainty” in the market and “poor government.” But she said the administration would devise new strategies

should the exemption lapse entirely.“Life will go on. There was life before 421a, there will be life i【40期高清跑狗图 】f 【管家婆一句大话买什么码 】421a fails. We have many tools, we are very good at being creative and coming up with new tools,” she said.